Andre Campbell is the visually impaired artist/writer behind Heritage Comics HSQ. He is also president/CEO of Heritage Comics HSQ. Despite being legally blind since birth Andre grew to love comics at an early age. His love of comics led him to create Heritage Comics HSQ and to publish his super hero teams The Alpha Agents, Rebel 3 and The American Sentinels. Andre has copyrighted over 500 characters. Under his leadership, Heritage Comics HSQ has published over 23 comics.   The Baltimore native has a passion for comics that is unrivaled. Andre was featured in the Washington Post Magazine in 2008
The basic concept for Heritage Comics HSQ started in 1992 by a small group of aspiring Afro-American artists. The group's idea was to form a comic book company that would redefine comics for the 90's. A redefinition of the basics of comics, great art, incredible story-telling, and no super die-cut foil stamped hologram covers. With the ideals set and a clear direction, the group needed to gather all the ins-and-outs of the comic book business in order to make a dream a reality.

After a few years of gathering information and finishing up the Alpha Agents, the company's first published title, Heritage Comics was ready to get the word out to fanboys and comic conventions. From local Clandestine shows to the SPX (Small Press Expo) in 1998, Heritage made the dream a reality as a small press level company. This was a start but not what the small group originally envisioned. So more hard work and networking was crucial to making Heritage Comics HSQ not just another small press publisher in Baltimore, Maryland, but a comic book company for everyone and based in the backyard of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., the largest distributor of comic books and related merchandise in the U.S.

With the millennium well underway and the comic book industry in constant flux, Heritage Comics HSQ was once again ready to re-ignite their passion for the medium that gave their imagination an outlet. 2007 saw Heritage Comics attend the Baltimore Comic Con, its first convention of the 1st century. This led to attendances at the Zapp! Con in 07, the Pittsburgh Comic Con in 08, Free Comic Book Day at Collector's Corner 08, the Baltimore Comic Con 08, and the Small Press Expo 08. Now, the Legacy can really begin. . .

Once again, welcome to. . .

We will expand the minds of our readers. Our characters will represent all races and nationalities. Some of the featured storylines will be based in action, suspense, horror, romance, comedy and religion.
We will strive to make a contribution to our society in enabling persons of all ages to enjoy the art and creative talents of our publication. In turn, other artists and other creative talent will learn the skills needed to become successful.

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